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You don’t have all day to find your person, in the Cove we speed things up by sparking deeper conversations, quickly.  

Our Mission

You may have a million things going on, and that makes it harder to take the time to find your "one" out of a million. So we’re on a mission to get the conversation deeper, faster. Because a meaningful connection is worth your time.

We’ve all experienced the nightmare that’s online dating. You spend countless hours swiping, swiping and swiping some more.

And, then, when you finally find someone that catches your eye,  the conversation either doesn't happen or never moves past the weather. Well, that’s why Cove was created, we’re kind of tired of the weather-talk. Aren’t you?

So, we’ve created something different in the Cove. A place for busy people fed up with the time-wasting shallowness and unwanted surprises. A place kind of sweet like honey. Speaking of sweet, we include some pretty delicious perks too.

What We Value


Complaining about being single doesn’t make you any less single. We value ambitious people looking to take action (hint: mindlessly swiping isn’t taking action).  


“I found my boo while chatting it up about the weather”, said nobody ever in the history of happy couples. We value meaningful authentic conversations that, let’s be honest, we all crave.  


Almost only counts in horseshoes and handgrenades. Most dating apps are highly inefficient in helping interested people transition into actual dates. We aren’t “almost” here. We value efficiency and getting your ass on a date.


 Here’s a horror story. A guy and a gal meet online. They text back and forth. They keep texting and asking each other about their day. One day, they both die... alone. We value progress and speeding things up because let’s face it –– we don’t have all the time in the world.


Your pillow should be the only thing that’s comfortable when it comes to your love life. Growing real authentic relationships requires getting comfortable with being uncomfortable. We value people who are comfortable with growth.


Your date shows up on the first date not looking nor acting like the individual you met online. Sound familiar? Here at Cove, we value authenticity because nobody has time for anything but.  


You swipe and keep swiping until you develop arthritis in your thumb. You switch to your other thumb and ... more arthritis. News Flash! We aren’t missing out on quantity in this world. It’s quality where we are lacking. Cove values quality and we think you should too.


If you’re looking to get trashed with the homies and then find a late night hookup, Cove isn’t the dating app for you. We believe in good intentions and uncovering some chemistry before meeting IRL.

Cove is a leaner, deeper, more time-efficient cupid seeking to redefine dating for a new generation that’s busier than ever before. We’re on a mission to help people find their people without spending hours swiping or sitting stagnant in mindless conversation.